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Professional land clearing, leaving your land ready for your next project. 

Storm Damage Clearing

This property had an old building destroyed by Huricane Micheal and was full of broken timber.  

Post Logging Clean Up

Clearing, leveling and getting property ready for reforestaion. 

Pond Construction

A nice pond was add to this post Hurricane Micheal recovery.

Preparing for planting.

Post logging recovery, this property was prepared for adding fruit trees.

Reclaiming Property

This project reclaimed the owners land from Hurricane damage and thick underbrush.  

Same property as photo to the left.

The owner requested this feild be raked in addition to removal of debris.  

Fire Breaks & Trails

Part of responsible timber farming, fire breaks are important to protect speading of forest fires.

Fire Breats make great tails, we make sure things are smooth for hiking, horse back riding or riding your ATV.

Stump Removal

No stumps are too big!  This stump had some really impressive roots.


Wood chips have many benefits, ask us how chipping will benefit your project.  

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