Grace Underbrush, LLC

Premier land clearing and heavy equipment company in and around the Panhandle of Florida.  Grace is a family owned company and dedicated to serving our customers.  We specialize in post logging restoration, and provide many other services to meet your needs.  We have the expertise and the resources to handle any size project.

Our Services

Forestry Mulching

Clear out overgrown areas/Fence Lines/Embankments

Post Logging Restoration

Leveling, grading, fire breaks.

Storm Damage Clean Up

Debris Removal/On Site Burning

Water Management

Pond Consruction/Drainage


Site Prep/Demos/Hunting Lanes/Food Plots

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No Project Too Big Or Too Tough

Grace offers professional quality service with experienced staff.  We guarantee that your project will be completed in an efficient, safe and timely manner to your specifications.   

Whether you want to clear your land for a new structure, implement forestry managment, create riding & walking trails, or simply improve the aesthetics of your property, choose a team that’s committed to doing the job right.

More About Us

Mulching Services

Mulching helps retain moisture in the soil and suppresses weed growth.  It also adds nutrients back to your soil as it decomposes.  It prevents soil erosion as well.  Reclaim your land from overgrowth and increase the value of your land. 

We Use Industry-Leading Equipment

Removing trees, stumps, and roots can be a messy process. Our access to industrial equipment allows us to clear and excavate your land quickly, regardless of what tries to stand in our way.


Debris Removal

Once the land is cleared, debris must be removed to complete the project.  Burning debris can be beneficial to the soil.  Mulching improves soil and has many other benefits.  When burning is not feasible, and mulching is not desired the debris can be hauled away.  


There is no fixed price for land clearing or excavation services. The cost of your project will depend on the area of land, number of trees, and overall complexity it presents. Some services may also cost more depending on weather and a variety of other factors.

Considering that it’s impossible to predict the cost of without knowing the details of the job, clearing services can have a large range in cost, which is why we need to see the property in order to give you a fair estimate.

We offer large land discounts and referal fees.

Client Testimonials

“I initially called Grace Underbrush as the result of seeing their advertisement in a local newspaper. I needed some land cleared and was attracted to their message because of the Christian symbol shown in the ad. As I got to know the owner, Sonny Fortunato, it became evident that he was a Christian first, and a professional land clearer second. I am a repeat customer and all the work Sonny and his crew has performed was accomplished with a single goal in mind: satisfy the customer at an affordable price. Grace Underbrush won’t consider your job complete until you are totally pleased.”

“Exceptional work! I could not be more pleased with the work that Sonny has done. Every step of the process he was there making sure we were happy and that the job was being completed correctly. He stays with job, not just drop off equipment and hire people to do the work, but actually takes pride in what he does. If you are looking for a honest and reputable company to clear your land I would suggest Grace Underbrush every time.”


“Great company and Sonny was easy to work with. Their expectations were higher than mine of the finished product. This company takes pride in their work and I highly recommend this company.”


I’m happy to recommend grace underbrush.
I had approximately 15 acres of clearing I needed done. I called two other companies to look at the project. It was a pretty tough clearing site, loaded with trees and wet areas.
SONNY’s idea of how to do the project made more sense than the other guys, plus he broke down the costs in a way that was logical for what was needed.
He is very easy to work with and tries to keep costs down by offering alternative ways to accomplish what you need. Grace also has more different kinds of equipment to achieve a quicker result.
Happy to recommend SONNY….he is professional and honest about his work.

Max Cross

I’m extremely happy with Sonny and his crew. The work was high quality and they finished the work under the estimate even though they actually did more than what I expected. I highly recommend them for any work you need completed. Great group of people

Theresa Daum

We cleared some very large live oaks on my 200 ac farm. They showed up on time everytime we set an appointment. Kept in constant contact with me to up-date me every day even though I was there every day looking over it. They made sure to get it done timely and affordable. Owner is bend over backwards kinndof a guy and crew is very affective. I would not do business with anyone else in the industry other than these guys . You want and expect the best, we’ll they are it. Most impressed and that’s saying a lot. Thanks

Michael Miller

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